Welcome to the world of CC Shoes.



We are Catherine and Christian Winkler.

We are here to gently blow away your anxiety of wearing high-heeled shoes. CC Shoes won’t hurt your feet or your eyes.

CC Shoes

CC Shoes

Our offering is shoes that will pamper your feet as you take inspired steps through your daily life.

CC Shoes

Our lasts are constructed to improve fit, eliminate pain and deliver healthier feet.

Catherine Wrinkler

Advise from orthopedic experts garnered over 25 years have all gone into the construction of CC Shoes.

Catherine Wrinkler

Catherine Winkler

I am Catherine, the woman behind CC Shoes, and I invite you to come on this journey with us.

Your being here is most appreciated and it also means that you count among those who feel the need to explore because you are aware that there is an alternative world of experience and exquisite quality out there. That alternative world is a force for positive change and we are part of it.

Our time is precious as is yours. So we do not do trivia. In this blog, we share information that can transform lives. Most of the information comes from my experience. I value everything that happens to me as just experience and nothing is good or bad. We encounter situations that help us to grow as we learn from them. We also offer advice from experts. Thank you for being here.

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Anyhow, please note…

Enlightenment is very important to us as a brand, and we know that when someone engages with us, the transaction opens up her consciousness or awareness just a bit more. Customers will notice that doing business with us is pure joy as they see what is possible in terms of service and that all important exchange value. Try CC shoes to see for yourself. We do not speak in generalities or extremes because that always somehow rings hollow. We will do what is necessary to keep you more than satisfied and to keep you coming back for more CC shoes.

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